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Massage Candle

Wick Stop Safety...

Do not let the flame from your wick reach sand or flammable decorative elements.

Below you will find directions for using the Extra Long Collared Wick Tabs as a Wick Stop in your Seascape or other decorative candle.

Step 1: Fasten your wick to the bottom of your glass container with a wick stickum or hot glue.
Step 2: Fill your container with the full amount of sand you will be using.
Step 3: Slide the extra long neck wick tab down over wick.

Step 4: Cover the base of the wick tab just enough to hide it. Then you can finish setting up your seashells and other items. This will snuff the flame before it reaches the sand and cause a hazard with the gel in the sand.

You can also use this technique if you are using flammable objects at the bottom of your gel candle, such as candy. If you want to fill the bottom section of your container with candy corns, then just enough gel to cover your candy and let it set. Then slide your wick tab over your wick, and set it on top of your gel and finish filling your container with gel. Now your flame will be extinguished before it reaches the candy area!

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