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Making Melt & Pour Glycerin Soy Soap...

The supplies you will need are:
- Melt & Pour Glycerin Soy Soap
- Body Safe Fragrance Oil
- Body Safe Colorant
- Soap Mold
- Thermometer
- Soap Slicer
- Spatula for Stirring
- Measuring Spoons
- Pyrex Measure Cup or Double Boiler (for melting)

Tip: Soap can be melted in the microwave on low, or in a double boiler. It should be covered while heating because it loses moisture as it heats up. It's a good idea to add approx. 3 to 5% sterile water to soap while it heats to replace the moisture it loses.

Step 1: Using a soap slicer, cut the melt & pour soap into cubes and place in container. If you're using a double boiler, place in top pan, and if you're using the microwave, use a glass pyrex measuring cup with a handle.

Step 2: Add 4 - 8 tsp. of sterile water to each pound of soap. Heat on low heat, gently stirring every 3 min. You don't want to stir too much or you will get extra bubbles in the soap. Using a thermometer, heat the soap to 175, but not over 185*.

Step 3: Once soap is completely melted, add desired body-safe fragrance and body-safe colorant. You can use as much colorant as you want, but fragrance should be limited to 10 tsp. per lb., unless the fragrance has a body safe limit listed.

Step 4: Immediately pour into soap mold. If bubbles form on top, you can spritz with rubbing alcohol, but you need to do this before the soap develops a skin on top. You should be able to demold your soap within approx. 4 hours.

TIP: If pouring multiple layers of soap, just after soap develops a skin on layer, spritz with rubbing alcohol and pour next layer. The rubbing alcohol helps the layers to adhere to each other.

TIP: Before demolding your soap, place it in the freeze for approx. 20 min. Then remove and let it stand for 5 min. Then you should be able to release it from the mold by gently pressing on the back of the mold.

Then wrap your soap in plastic wrap, a cello bag, or shrink wrap. Label and it's Finished Products or give as a personal gift!

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