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Massage Candle

Making a Pitcher of Ice Tea or Fruit Punch...

These are probably the easiest candles to make! As with all our projects we recommend reading the instructions thoroughly before starting the project. For gel candles we also recommend that you read About Gel Candles before starting.

Supplies you will need: Amounts are not given because we do not know what size pitcher you may find.

  • Heavy Glass Pitcher (not a huge one!)
  • One Zinc Core Wicks 60-44-18-Z per pie
  • Wick Stickers or Hot Glue Gun
  • Wax Embeds
  • Candle Gel
  • Liquid dye for your gel
  • Gel Safe Fragrance (if desired)

Step 1: While your gel is melting, fasten your 60-44-18-Z Zinc Core Wick to the bottom of your pitcher with wick stickers or a hot glue gun. After we stick/glue it in place, we tug on it to be sure the wick isn't going to come out of the wick tab.

NEVER leave melting gel or wax unattended. Gel needs to be melted at a higher temperature than wax. Therefore, the double boiler method does not work. Use direct heat to melt your gel by placing gel in a metal pan and heating on your stove on low heat. You can also use a Presto Kitchen Kettle. A Presto Kitchen Kettle can be purchased for around $20 at Walmart, Kmart or this type of store. They hold up to 6 lbs. of gel and you can set the temperature control for steady heating. Do not let gel get hotter than 230*.

Step 2: Make Ice Cubes.

Pour melted, uncolored clear gel into a clean square or oblong pan. After it has set and cooled, snip gel into squares with a clean pair of scissors. When you slice the gel, your knife may not glide smoothly through it and you may have a rough jagged edge on your gel. That's good! Just lay the strip on a heat-resistant surface with the jagged side up and then use your heat gun on it for about 10 seconds. This will give it the look of real ice cubes. Finish slicing into cubes.

Step 3: Fill pitcher with ice cubes.

Gel Candles

Step 4: Color and pour melted gel.

You can color your gel with ivory dye if you want iced tea, or use orange for orange juice, red for fruit punch. Whatever you desire! This is also the time to add your gel safe fragrance (1/2 oz per pound of gel - gel cannot handle as much fragrance as candle wax) if you are making a scented candle.Then pour gel over ice cubes. After you pour the gel, you can embed wax citrus slices, strawberries, or whatever your imagination can conceive!

Fruit Candles and Supplies

We suggest using liquid dye in gel to help preserve the clarity of gel. Our liquid dye is very concentrated and often just a toothpick dipped in the dye will be enough to color your gel. If you want a deep color then start with only 1 drop. It's much easier to darken the gel than lighten it.

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